Watermelon Moscato Sangria Recipe

Are you looking for a light and refreshing cocktail in summer that tastes better than wine? Though people think nothing can be more refreshing in summer than a cold wine. We are sorry to say that you are wrong because nothing can be more refreshing than a watermelon Moscato sangria drink. However, this looks gorgeous too. And best of all, you can make a batch of drinks in a few minutes. 

Watermelon Moscato Sangria is a refreshing and delicious drink that’s perfect for summertime. It’s a fruity and sweet twist on the classic Sangria, and it’s perfect for serving at parties or enjoying on a hot summer day.

What is sangria? 

Sangria is a drink made of wine, fresh fruit, and other spirits. This drink was rooted in Spain but is now famous all around the world.  

What is watermelon moscato sangria

Watermelon Moscato sangria is the cool and refreshing drink to have in the summertime. This drink is actually made from fresh watermelons or watermelon syrup. However, you can also add fruits, wine, and alcohol to it. 

Cut down the fruits and have fun!

This drink is perfect on sunny days. You can add ginger, lemon, and other refreshing fruits to it, along with watermelon, which is a must. You can also add watermelon syrup, but fresh watermelon slices would be perfect for the best result. 

What does Watermelon Moscato Sangria tastes like?

Watermelon Moscato sangria tastes like a fruity and sweet drink with light notes of ginger and wine. In short, it’s a fruity and sweet wine cocktail with a bit of fizz. 

Sounds refreshing? Let’s jump on the recipe!


  • 1 ml of Moscato wine
  • Ginger Ale
  • Freshly cut watermelon
  • Watermelon syrup (optional)
  • Fresh-cut fruits: strawberries, lemon, oranges

Method of making:

  • Cut down the watermelon into cubes. Strawberries and lemon into small pieces
  • Pour Moscato wine into a large jug.
  • Add ginger ale and watermelon syrup to the jug and stir it until well mixed.
  • Now add some ice and stir it again.
  • Add the cut strawberries and oranges.
  • Garnish it with watermelon slices.

Want to use something other than Moscato wine?

Watermelon moscato Sangria also has a non-alcoholic version. Simply blend watermelon and strawberries with ginger ale and watermelon syrup (optional). Strain the mixture and add orange juice to it. Enjoy your non-alcoholic version of Sangria!


This cold watermelon Moscato sangria is the most refreshing drink on sunny days. Make a batch of it and serve it at a pool party. You can also serve it on romantic evenings and summer gatherings. Do try it and let us know in the comment section.

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