Chocolate Cream Cold Brew Starbucks Recipe

The Chocolate Cream Cold Brew is rich and creamy with fine chocolate and malt flavors. With just 6 ingredients, you too can make this a refreshing drink. It is light and fluffy, creamy drink for hot days

So, first we know about what chocolate cream cold Brew is and how it is prepared!

What is a chocolate cream cold brew?

Starbucks says, the Chocolate Cream Cold Brew is a cold brew coffee sweetened with vanilla syrup and served with “silky, chocolaty cream cold foam.”

And if we talk about  the ingredient list, so it consists of , brewed coffee, ice,  chocolate cream, and vanilla syrup.

It is a very easiest coffee brew, which can be easily made in homes!

What ingredients are needed to prepare chocolate cream cold brew?

There are a few ingredients which is used to make the chocolate cream cold brew at home, which include:

  • Cold brew coffee
  • Vanilla syrup
  • Chocolate cream cold foam
  • Ice cubes

You can use coffee ice cubes instead of ice cubes for give it to the coffee flavor.

Coffee ice cubes are made with brewed coffee instead of water, it gives you more coffee flavor once they start melting.

Use high quality ingredients to make this drink in a best way possible.

Below I will tell, how you can prepare the chocolate cream cold foam, how to make cold brew, and a recipe for vanilla syrup at home for this drink.

With all of these ingredients, you can enjoy this delicious chocolate cream cold brew multiple times at home.

How can you make the chocolate cream cold foam?

To make the Chocolate Cream col foam, mix low fat milk, heavy cream, cocoa powder and vanilla syrup together, then aerated to make a fluffy cold foam.

Starbucks uses chocolate malt powder to make the cold foam, but I found that cocoa powder is easily available, and you might already have cocoa powder in your cabinet.

How can you make cold brew at home?

There are various ways to make the cold brew at home, but they all essentially involve precipitating the coffee grounds in cold water.

First method is to put the coffee grounds in a jar or container with cold water and let it precipitous overnight. You can strain and enjoy the coffee over ice or use it in this recipe in the morning.

You can use any jar, but Mason jar seems good to be the way to go for most to make this.

Other method is to put the coffee grounds and cold water in a French press. Place the French press in the fridge for about 12 hours or more (like 15 hours), then press the plunger to filter out the grounds before serving.

When you are going to make a cold brew in a French press, so you will not have to filter it like the Mason jar method, which saves your time.

Whatever method you are going to choose, make sure use a coarse grind of coffee so that it doesn’t end up being over-extracted.

You can use different coffee for this recipe.

I’ll cover the best alternatives below:

Best alternatives for cold brew

If you do not like the cold brew coffee so you can try the brewed coffee or espresso coffee.

Brewed coffee is made by pouring hot water over grounds which sits in a coffee filter while Espresso is made by pressurized hot water by finely-ground coffee beans, and it has intense flavor than brewed coffee.

What are the suitable coffee beans for cold brew coffee?

Consider the few things when choosing coffee beans for cold brew coffee:

First, you will have to choose a medium-dark roast. This will give the coffee a richer flavor and more consistency, which is important because cold brew is typically served unsweetened.

Second, use high quality beans. This will assure that your coffee has good flavors and no bitterness.

Lastly, use coarse beans so that they infuse properly and do not end up over-extracting.

How can you make vanilla syrup?

To make the best homemade drink possible, you can make vanilla syrup at home in just five minutes.

You just have to need the cold tap water, white granulated sugar, and a vanilla bean to make vanilla syrup.

You can also buy a high-quality vanilla-flavored syrup like Torani from

Now, you got all the information related to the Chocolate cream cold brew Starbucks, so make this delicious drink at home and enjoy!

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