Original Bon Bons Ice Cream Recipe

Chocolates are best! But chocolate-covered ice cream balls with the most creamy centres inside are the most adorable. This is a perfect way of illusion anyone has ever indulged. Original bon bons ice cream is what we are talking about. It was introduced by the two brothers.  It comes only in three flavours: vanilla, salted caramel, and mint. This ice cream rapidly became famous in northern California and is now considered as one of the most expensive ice creams.

However, this recipe is perfect and easy to make and can be served to a big group. You only need 3 ingredients to make this dreamy creamy ice cream.

What is original bon bons ice cream?

The word bon bons is a French word that originated in 1770 translated into English as “good good.” It refers to a coated chocolate candy with a sweet filling inside. This bon bons ice cream is like a dreamy creamy ice cream because it is a ball of ice cream coated with chocolate. Sounds great? Then let’s jump into the recipe without wasting time.

Key ingredients:

This recipe requires only three ingredients.

1- 2 flavours of Ice cream:

If you want to enhance the taste of your bon bons ice cream, then use 2 flavors of ice cream. You can combine chocolate and vanilla flavor or vanilla and salted caramel.

2- Chocolate chip:

The second thing you need is chocolate chips for coating. You can also use Dark chocolate; it will give the ice cream a rich taste.


Step – 1:

Take out the baking tray and line up each sheet with parchment paper.

Step – 2:

To make the ice cream balls, use an ice cream scoop. Place each ice cream ball on a parchment-lined sheet. Now put the ice cream tray in the freezer for 1 hour. After that, remove the tray from the freezer and quickly roll the balls into smooth circles. Then place the tray back into the freezer for about 40 to 50 minutes.

Step – 3:

Now melt the chocolate in the microwave until smooth and let it cool down. Take out the ice cream balls from the freezer and use a fork or another chocolate dipping to coat them.

Step – 4:

You can also add some sprinkles to the ice cream ball. Put the tray back into the freezer until it hardens. Enjoy!


Do you want to add other ingredients to it? No need to worry; we have got you covered.

Nutella: If you don’t have chocolate chips, then you can use Nutella coating instead.

Cookies: if you want a little taste of cookies, you can coat the original bon bons ice cream balls with crushed cookie or cookie powder.

Peanut butter coating: if you’re not a big fan of chocolates, you can also use peanut butter for coating.

Dry fruits: if you are a big lover of dry fruits, then you can sprinkle the powder of dry fruits on the top of your bon bons ice cream balls.


Eat the bon bons ice cream after taking it out from the freezer before it starts melting.


You can store a large container of original bon bons ice cream balls for up to 3 months. And take out some minutes before serving.


The mentioned nutrition is calculated through the nutrition calculator for a single serving of original bon bons ice cream.

Vitamin C1mg
Vitamin A125iu
Monosaturated Fat1g
Polysaturated Fat1g


What happened to BON BONS ice cream?

Actually, the frozen dessert also known as Bon Bons that was originally released by Carnation and then by Nestle. Co.  It consists of bite-sized vanilla ice cream nuggets covered in chocolate. They were later replaced by a comparable product called Dibs, while becoming popular during the middle of the 1980s and into the 1990s.

What is the original Bon Bon?

A bonbon is a delicious or small confection, usually small balls covered in chocolate. The term “bonbon” is French in origin and simply refers to candy. The first reports mentions of bonbons come from the 17th century, when they were produced in the French royal court.

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